Test in Prod

Test in Prod is a core development team of Optimism Collective.


From core protocol development to DevOps tools, Test in Prod builds things that matter to OP Stack.—OP-Erigon: We built OP-Erigon, the first alternative execution client to OP Stack built with the Erigon client. We maintain OP-Erigon by keeping it updated with upstream, supporting more features, building OP-Otterscan, etc.Span Batch: We researched and implemented Span Batch with OP Labs—new batch specs that minimize L1 data cost, initial design by Proto; aims to deploy with Canyon hardfork.Engine P2P Sync: We implemented Engine P2P Sync support for OP-Node that reduces block sync time—e.g., snap sync.Public RPC & Block Explorer: We host OP-Erigon public RPCs & OP-Otterscan on OP Mainnet / Goerli.OP Charts: We built OP Charts, a Helm chart repository for OP Stack infrastructures.


TiP's impacts focus on technical OPtimization and building tech stacks for OP Stack—some impacts are quantitive, but some should be qualitatively measured.—OP-Erigon: It secures OP Stack with client diversity and allows devs to enjoy Erigon's disk saving; it uses 70% less than OP Mainnet Geth archive nodes, 2.4→0.7TB.Span Batch: It allows low-active OP Chains by cutting minimum L1 fees by ~97% (165→5 ETH a year), expecting to cut OP Mainnet's L1 fees by ~9%.Engine P2P Sync: It allows Geth's snap sync—reduces sync time by ~82% on OP Mainnet compared to the derivation.Public RPC & Block Explorer: It allows devs to test OP-Erigon on OP Mainnet / Goerli—processing 138k req/day.OP Charts: It provides easy OP Stack deployments on k8s. Some devs forked it to build an OP Chain launcher.

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