Protocol Guild

A collective of Ethereum's active core protocol contributors


As a rollup, Optimism leverages Ethereum for settlement & security assurances. It also uses several core infrastructure components (client implementations, specifications, test suites, etc) developed and maintained by Protocol Guild contributors over the years. Optimism also directly benefits from protocol upgrades such as proto-danksharding (EIP-4844), which will reduce the fees its users need to pay.All of this work supports a mutual relationship;- Ethereum provides an infrastructural foundation with particular characteristics (eg social, political, technical, economic) that only it can provide- Optimism produces lower-cost blockspace, while still inheriting some of Ethereum's characteristics, but at the same time allowing for more experimentation


- Optimism can rely on Ethereum for settlement & security assurances, in no small part due to the research & implementation work that went into migrating to Proof-of-Stake, which helped make Ethereum the most secure & decentralized smart-contract platform- Guild members' efforts to reduce rollup fees through proto-danksharding & danksharding will expand Optimism's use-cases and user base- Optimism’s execution engine is a fork of Go Ethereum aka Geth, which is maintained by Guild members- Optimism leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine with its EVM-equivalent architecture, making Optimism's ecosystem more accessible to builders- Ethereum's core protocol development has played a key role in establishing Ethereum's prominent reputation, lending credibility & legitimacy to Optimism as well

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