Account Abstraction - ERC-4337

ERC-4337 account abstraction core team


Brought standard decentralized Account Abstraction to OP and many other chains.- The team has been building it since 2021- 5 full-time team members- 100% public good, no VC funding, no token. Supported by the EF.Progress since RPGF #2:- Deployed the audited v0.6- Growing adoption: - Transactions: >4M UserOps total, ~500k on OP+Base - Users: ~850k accounts total, ~196k on OP+Base - Paymaster sponsored gas: >$500k - Used by popular apps on OP, e.g. CyberConnect- Progress on mempool decentralization and censorship resistance- UX and DevEx improvements- Ongoing support of numerous projects and integrations: wallets, dapps, infrastructure...- Promoting adoption: talks, workshops, hackathons.


- Standardized account abstraction on OP.- Increased OP use: ~196k users, ~500k transactions.- Enabled popular apps on OP, e.g. CyberConnect.- Enabled new wallets with improved UX and security.- Onboarded many new devs and projects, supported dev teams, mentored in hackathons.- Built dev tools, SDK, documentation.- Improved decentralization and censorship resistance. Reduced dependency on centralized relay services.- Enabled sponsored transactions. Impact on UX, e.g. gasless governance voting to increase participation.

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